Christmas Electrical safety at home

Merry Christmas everyone from A.C.Electrical & Security Services Ltd


Getting Ready for Christmas

Over 650,000 house fires have been started by electrical beauty products like hair straighteners being left switched on. And half of UK women have panicked that they have gone out and forgotten to turn straighteners off. DON’T LEAVE THEM ON  – switch them off and put them away!


Festival Lights

Christmas lights can get you in the Christmas spirit by brighten up your  home, but can be an electrical safety risk. One in twelve people confess to leaving their Christmas lights on overnight, potentially endangering their households as lights can overheat and create a fire hazard. Give the lights a break – switch them off when you’re not there to enjoy them.

Don’t overload sockets and try to avoid the use of extension leads or adaptors – it’s easy to trip if you’re a bit too merry!